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<   Valves and Actuators
Fan Coil Valves and Actuators
   AX-VF / FAN coil valves and Actuators
PICVs and Balancing Valves
   AX-34982xx 34983xx / Balancing valve
   AX-34980xx / Enterprise Balancing valve
Terminal and Zone Valves
   AX-TV / Terminal Valves
   AX-ZV / Zone Valves
Rotary Shoe Valves
   AX-RSVMHx2F / Rotary Shoe Valves - Iron
   AX-RSVMxR / Rotary Shoe Valves - Screwed - Brass
Damper Actuators
   AX-NEAM / Damper Actuator Modulating
   AX-DASM-15 / Damper Actuator
   AX-DASM-30 / Damper Actuator
Butterfly Valves and Actuators
   AX-VB / Water Butterfly Valves and Actuators
Gas Solenoid Valves
   AX-VGS / Gas Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves
   AX-VS-PU / Solenoid Valves
   AX-VS-BFE / Flanged Solenoid Valves