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<   Thyristor Power Controllers
Single Phase DIN & Panel Mount
 AX-SSR1-xx-xx.pdf / Single Phase Solid State Relays
 AX-SSR3-xx-xx.pdf / Three Phase Solid State Relays
 AX-MPR1-2.pdf / 2kW Single Phase Power Regulator
 AX-MPR1-2-RL.pdf / 2kW Single Phase Power Regulator with Raise/Lower input
 AX-PPR1-12-18.pdf / Single Phase Power Regulators 12 and 18kW - Panel
 AX-MPR1-x.pdf / 4 to 9kW Single Phase Power Regulators
Three Phase DIN & Panel Mount Mount
 AX-MPR3-6.pdf / 6kW Three Phase Power Controller
 AX-MPR3-12-18.pdf / 12kW to 18kW Three Phase Power Regulators
 AX-PPR3-27-36-54.pdf / 27kW, 36kW and 54kW Three Phase Power Regulators
 AX-PPR3-72-105.pdf / 72kW and 105kW Three Phase Power Regulators
 AX-PPR3-150.pdf / 150kW Three Phase Power Controller
 AX-PPR3-180 280 400.pdf / Three phase power controller
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