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AX-MPR1-2-RL / 2kW Single Phase Power Regulator with Raise/Lower input POA Qty

The AX-MPR1-2-RL DIN Rail Power Regulator is designed to operate from the output of a raise lower valve controller. The normal Raise/Lower (valve open/close) signal is converted to a pulse width modulated output for an electric heater. The AX-MPR1-2-RL is intended to operate with a 2.5 minute signal from fully closed to fully open; the output tracks the inputs in a linear fashion, automatically calibrating each time the minimum or maximum extremes are met. The output to the electric heater is controlled by solid-state switching with “zero crossing” technology to reduce RFI problems and provide accurate switching control. The AX-MPR1-2-RL features LED indication of Output On.
Product Features
• 24Vac Raise/Lower Input
• No additional heatsinks required
• PWM Control
• 230Vac input from load
• DIN Rail (TS35) Mounting
• LED Indication

24Vac Raise/Lower Input
Power Supply
230Vac (from load input)
Max Heater Duty
See datasheet
Rated Load
See datasheet
Rated Supply
220 - 255Vac / 50-60Hz
LED Indication
ON when output is on.
Dissipated Heat
See datasheet
Control Terminals
Rising Clamp for 0.5-2.5mm² Cable
Power Terminals
Rising Clamp for 1.5mm² Stranded or 2.5mm² Solid Core Cable
Ambient Temp. Range
0 to 55°C Note; The units are rated at 30°C. If using at higher ambient temperature de-rate the units by 10% for every 5°C above 30°C.
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-MPR1-2-RL.pdf / 2kW Single Phase Power Regulator with Raise/Lower input