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AX-TE-B3K / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 3K3A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-BT / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 10K3A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-BA / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 10K4A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-BH / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 20K6A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-BD / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 30K3A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-B2.2K / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 2.2K NTC Thermistor POA Qty
AX-TE-BTAC / Button Temperature Sensor -Brass with 1K87A1 NTC Thermistor POA Qty

The AX-TE-Bx range of Button sensors are designed for fitting into a false ceiling . The sensorsinterface with a wide variety of HVAC control equipment. Units are available with a high quality thermistor or platinum or nickel element or with an active analogue output. The sensor provides a low cost solution for use in ceiling plates or other applications
Product Features
Brass Button as standard- AX-TE-Bx
Large Range of Thermistor or Platinum Options (button only NTC)
Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel variants
ABS is Flame Retardant Acetyl Resin


Range of two wire thermistor and PTC platinum elements providing variable resistance.
Active - Current
4-20mA representing -10C to 40C (unless specified otherwise)
Temperature Range
0 to 50 deg C as standard
Thermistor +/- 0.2C between 0C and 70C

Platinum +/- 0.35C between 0C and 100C (PT100a and PT1000a)

Active +/- 0.1% of range
AX-YE-Bx - Brass
Ambient Temp
-10C to 60C
Cutout Size
See datasheet
See datasheet

AX-TE-Bx.pdf / Button Sensor