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<   Gas and Smoke Detection
Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and RH Sensors
   AX-GS-CD-T81 / Carbon Dioxide Sensor with Optional RH & T and Bacnet Outputs
   AX-RH-T-CD / Combined RH, T and Co2 Transmitter
   AX-GS-CD-T51E / Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
   AX-GS-CD-T51S / Carbon Dioxide Switch
   AX-GS-CD-D80 / Duct Carbon Dioxide Sensor
   AX-GS-CDRHT-D / Duct Carbon Dioxide and RH&T Sensor
   AX-GS-CD-DT / Duct Carbon Dioxide Sensor (Optional MODBUS)
   AX-GS-CD-VI / CO2 Transmitter
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensors
   AX-GS-CM-V-65 / Carbon Monoxide Sensor Voltage Output- Round Enc
   AX-GS-CM-VSQ / Carbon Monoxide Sensor Voltage Output - Square Enc
   AX-GS-CM-I / Carbon Monoxide Sensor Current Output
   AX-GS-CM-M / Carbon Monoxide Transmitter - MODBUS RTU
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Transmitters
   AX-GS-CM-NO2 / Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
   AX-GS-CM-NO2-M / Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Transmitter, MODBUS RTU
Gas Leak, Smoke and Gas Sensors
   AX-GS-SD / Duct Smoke Detector - Photoelectric
   AX-GLD-P82 / Gas Leak Detection System - 4 Zone
   AX-GS-HCF100 / Refrigerant Gas Sensors
   AX-GS-HCF200 / Refrigerant Gas Sensors
   AX-GS-P1x / LPG and LNG Gas Sensors
   AX-GS-ND-V / Nitrogen Dioxide Voltage Transmitter IP65, with optional display
   AX-GS-TC3-H2 / Hydrogen sensor - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-O2 / Oxygen Sensor - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-H2S / Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-NH3 / Ammonia Sensor - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-CL2 / Chlorine Sensors - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-O3 / Ozone Gas Detector - Wall Mount
   AX-GS-TC3-DPT / Duct Adaptor for AX-GS-TC3 Series Analog Gas Detectors
Air Quality
   AX-GS-AQM / Indoor Air Quality Monitor
   AX-AQM-3 / CO, NO2 and PM Transmitter
   AX-PM / PM2.5/PM10 Particulate Matter Transmitter