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<   Input Output Modules
Multiplexers - Digital and Analogue
   AX-DIM4-MI5 / Four Channel Digital Input Multiplexer -Multi Input Version
   AX-DIM5R / Five Channel Digital Input Multiplexer - Resistance output
   AX-DIM6-MI / Six Channel Digital Input Multiplexer - Multiple Input
   AX-VMUX / Voltage multiplexer
   AX-VDEMUX / Voltage demultiplexer
   AX-ASM / Dual Channel Analogue Multiplexer
   AX-DINT4 / Four Channel Digital Input Integrator
Raise/Lower and Conversion Modules
   AX-ARL / Analogue to Raise Lower Module
   AX-RLA / Isolated Raise Lower to Analogue converter
   AX-RLA-230-ACT-X / 230V Raise Lower to Analogue converter
   AX-RL3R / Raise Lower to 3 relay Module
   AX-RLA-24-ACT / Raise Lower to Analogue Convertor-24Vac
   AX-ABC / Analogue Buffer Conversion Module
   AX-VI / Voltage to Current Conversion Module
   AX-VSM / Voltage Scaling Module 0-60Vdc to 0-10V
   AX-ARM / Analogue Rescaling Module
   AX-DAOM / Dual Analogue Output Module
   AX-PTA / Pulsewidth to analogue converter
   AX-MPTA / Pulsewidth to analogue converter
   AX-WMPAC / Water Meter Pulse to Analogue Converter
   AX-RIM / Resistance Input Modules
   AX-ROM / Resistance output Modules
Rescaling, Limiting and Splitter Modules
   AX-VSR / Voltage Splitter and Reference Module
   AX-BSLIM / Buffered Scaling Limiting and Inverting Module
   AX-CSM-x / Current Splitter Module - Analogue to 2,3 or 4 x 4-20mA
   AX-ECFAN3-24 / Three Speed Fan switch to EC Fan (0-10Vdc), 24Vac/230Vac
   AX-ECFAN3-F / Three Speed Fan switch to EC Fan (0-10Vdc) 230 Vac - Fixed Voltage
Phase Cut Modules and Analogue to Pneumatic
   AX-PCM2-30I / DUAL 30VA Phase Cut Module (isolated)
   AX-PCM120I / 120VA Phase-Cut Module (isolated)
   AX-MPCA / Phase Cut Amplifier Module
   AX-AMMM / Averaging Minimum Maximum Middle
   AX-MMA-6 / Maximum, Minimum and Averaging Module
   AX-EPC / Analogue to Pneumatic Converter
Timers and Phase Failure Relays
   AX-DT-V0DD / Digital Timer
   AX-RTDS3 / Remote Time Delay Switch
   AX-AT-1CMDT0 / Analogue Timer
   AX-SM500-MG73 / Supply Monitoring Relays -3Phase- 240Vac
   AX-SM501-MG53 / Supply Monitoring Relays -3Phase- 415Vac
   AX-SM175-M / Phase Failure & Supply Monitoring Relays - Compact