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<   Temperature and Relative Humidity
Temperature Sensors
   AX-TE-Rx / Room Temperature Sensor
   AX-TE-Px / Plate Temperature Sensor
   AX-TE-Dx / Duct Temperature Sensor 150mm
   AX-TE-Ix / Immersion temperature sensors 150mm
   AX-TE-Ix-65 / Immersion temperature sensors 65mm
   AX-TE-Ox / Outside Air Temperature Sensor
   AX-TE-Fx-W / Waterproof Flying Lead Temperature Sensor
   AX-TE-Sx / Strap on Temperature Sensor
   AX-TE-Tx / Thimble Sensor
   AX-TE-Bx / Button Sensor
   AX-TE-RBN-xx / Room Black Bulb Sensors
   AX-TE-AVF / Flexible Duct Averaging Sensors
   AX-TE-AVC / Copper Duct Averaging Sensors
   AX-TE-DAVA / Aluminium Duct Averaging Sensors
Temperature Transmitters
   AX-TE-RTX-W / Room Temperature Transmitter, 4-20mA and 0-10V
   AX-TE-xTX-W / Temperature Transmitter in Plant Housings, 4-20mA and 0-10V
   AX-TE-TX4 / 4 Channel Temperature Transmitter
   AX-TE-AVCTX-W / Duct Averaging Temperature Transmitter, Copper probe, 4-20mA and 0-10V
   AX-TE-DAVTXA / Duct Averaging Temperature Transmitter, Aluminium Probe, 4-20mA and 0-10V
Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
   AX-RHT-S / RH&T Transmitter - Room
   AX-RHT-SD / RH&T Transmitter - Room with Display
   AX-RHT-D3 / RH&T Transmitter - Duct
   AX-RHT-O3 / RH&T Transmitter - Outside-Air
   AX-RHT-T3 / RH&T Transmitter - Thimble
Relative Humidity Sensors and Humidistats
   AX-HMH / Electromechanical Humidistat
   AX-RH-RES-24Q / Relative Humidity to Resistance Output
   AX-RH-RES-230Q / Relative Humidity to Resistance Output
   AX-RH-SH / Humdistats