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AX-3498xx / Wattflow POA Qty

Incorporated into each valve is an integrated flowmeter, which constantly measures the actual flow rate passing through the valve. As the flowmeter is set at a 90 angle to the valve body, reading of the flow rate is always possible, even when the valve is fully insulated. The flowmeter scale can be fully rotated to facilitate easy reading in any position. As the system medium does not constantly pass through the flowmeter, it is protected from ingress of debris, facilitating easy reading of the flow rate at all times. By rotating the multi-turn valve adjustment spindle, the flow is visible in L/min on the flowmeter, allowing the flow to be accurately set against the design characteristics of the circuit with minimum effort. WattFlow balancing valves are indifferent to the flow profile on the inlet; therefore, under normal operation, a straight piece of pipe the same diameter and length as the valve housing is sufficient. Depending on the installation, this may not be necessary when installing DN15/20 valves. Incorrect circuit flow rates are one of the most frequent reasons for the poor performance of HVCA installations. WattFlow balancing valves are used to set the correct flow rate through all heating and cooling circuits where water is the medium being used. WattFlow balancing valves offer the installer the advantage of accurate system balancing without the need to resort to tables or complicated balancing equipment.
Product Features

Max. operating temp
see pressure/temp. diagram
Min. operating temp
Max. operating pressure
see pressure/temp. diagram
Accuracy of flowmeter
+/-10% of actual reading
Nominal size
Housing and Interior
Brass MS58
High-quality, impact resisting and temperature stable plastics
Stainless steel
O-Ring seals
EPDM elastomers

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