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AX-ECFAN3 / EC Fan three speed switch control POA Qty

The Axio AX-ECFAN3 converts three switched 230Vac inputs to a 0-10Vdc output signal. The proposed use is for controlling an EC Fan form a 230Vac switched thermostat. The DC output voltage is internally adjustable on three preset potentiometers. The unit is 230Vac powered. The AX-ECFAN3 features high quality rising clamp terminals for ease of connection.
Product Features
• 3 off 230Vac inputs for output selection
• 0-10Vdc output range for all three switched selections
• 230Vac powered
• Flame retardant ABS moulded case

Input select voltage
3 off 230Vac +/- 15% at 1.5mA nominal (note, some triac switches may not load this correctly)
Output voltage when selected
Adjustable between 0-10Vdc at 5mA maximum
Output voltage when off
<0.1Vdc at 5mA maximum
Supply voltage
230Vac +/- 15%
Rising clamp for 0.5-1.5mm² cable
Ambient temperature range
92mm diameter x 52mm height
Fixing holes
2 off 4mm holes on 92mm centers
IP65 flame retardant ABS
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-ECFAN3.pdf / EC Fan three switch control