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AX-GS-CD-D8041 / Duct Mounted CO2 Sensor 105 mm probe 24V supply POA Qty
AX-GS-CD-D8042 / Duct Mounted CO2 Sensor 205 mm probe 24V supply POA Qty
AX-GS-CD-D8041M / Duct Mounted CO2 Sensor 105 mm probe 230V supply POA Qty
AX-GS-CD-D8042M / Duct Mounted CO2 Sensor 205 mm probe 230V supply POA Qty

The AX-GS-CD-D80 Carbon Dioxide Duct mounted Transmitter uses NDIR single beam Infra-red technology to monitor CO2 concentration levels and output a corresponding 0-10V output. The unit is intended for use in return air ducts.
Product Features
Duct mounting
Monitors CO2 over range 0-2,000 ppm
Optional 105 and 205mm probe lengths
Solid state sensing element
Lifetime calibration interval
Gas permeable PTFE filter

Power Supply D8041/2
18 to 30Vac 50/60Hz or 18 to 42Vdc
Consumption D8041/2
0.65W @nominal voltage of 42Vdc (max 1.65W peak)
Power Supply D8041M/2M
90 to 265Vac
Consumption D8041M/2M
0.7W (max 1.7W peak)
Ambient Temp. Range
0 to +50C , 0-95% RH non condensing
Duct Air Velocity
0 - 450m/min
Flame retardant ABS
Dimensions Housing
77 x 77 x 40 mm
Dimensions Probe 41
105 x 32 mm
DimensionsProbe 42
205 x 32 mm
Analogue Output
0-10V at 5mA max
Sensor Type
Non-dispersive Infra-red
0-2000ppm standard,
Calibration Interval
+/- 40ppm or 3% whichever is greater
Self Calibrating <2% FS over life of sensor (typical 10yrs)
<1% FS @22 degC
Settling Time
<2 minutes after power up (10 minutes maximum accuracy)
CE marked, EMC, LVD.
Country of Origin
UK and Mexico

AX-GS-CD-D80.pdf / Duct carbon dioxide sensor.