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AX-GS-CDRHT-D / Duct Mounted CO2 and RH&T Sensor POA Qty

The AX-GS-CDRHT-D Duct Mounted CO2 and RH&T Transmitter uses NDIR single beam Infra-red technology to monitor CO2 concentration levels and output a corresponding 0-10V output. In addition the unit includes capacitive humidity and band gap temperature sensors. The unit is intended for use in return air ducts.
Product Features
Duct mounting
Monitors CO2 over range 0-2,000 ppm
RH accuracy of 2.5%
Lifetime calibration interval of CO2
Gas permeable PTFE filters on both sensors
Optional thermistor output for temperature

Power Supply
24Vac/dc +/-15% at 30mA average, 80mA peak
Ambient Temp. Range
0 to +50C , 0-95% RH non condensing
Duct Air Velocity
0 - 450m/min
Analogue Outputs
0-10V at 10mA max
Sensor Type
Non-dispersive Infra-red
Range for 0-10V outputs
0-2000ppm CO2, Temperature 0-70C, RH 0-95%
CO2 Calibration Interval
Lifetime (refer to ABC logic)
CO2 Accuracy
+/- 40ppm or 3% whichever is greater
CO2 Stability
Self Calibrating <2% FS over life of sensor (typical 10yrs)
CO2 Linearity
<1% FS @22C
CO2 Settling Time
<2 minutes after power up (10 minutes maximum accuracy)
Flame retardant ABS (UL94-5VA)
Dimensions Housing
77 x 77 x 40 mm
Dimensions Probe
205 x 32 mm
CE marked, EMC, LVD.
Country of Origin

AX-GS-CDRHT-D.pdf / Duct carbon dioxide and RH&T sensor.