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AX-GS-CM-M CO Tx, 0-300 ppm, Modbus RTU / POA Qty
AX-GS-CM-ML CO Tx, 0-300 ppm with Display, Modbus RTU / POA Qty
AX-GS-CM-ML-T CO Tx, 0-300 ppm, 0-50DegC Outside Temperature, LCD Display (CO reading in ppm), Modbus RTU / POA Qty
AX-GS-CM-M-T CO Tx, 0-300 ppm, 0-50DegC Outside Temperature, Modbus RTU / POA Qty

The AX-GS-CM-M range of Carbon monoxide transmitters use electrochemical sensor to monitor CO concentration in the levels of 0-300 ppm and transmitover the RS-485 network configured for Modbus RTU protocol. The sensor module uses a plug-in connector making in-the-field replacement easy.
Product Features
• Monitors CO levels over a range of 0 to 300ppm
• Easy maintenance and 3 year exchange sensor option
• Electrochemical sensing element
• Sensor is UL recognised component UL2034, UL2075,
• Isolated RS-485 Output E240671
• Rising Clamp Terminals
• Year Warranty

Sensor Type
Temperature (option)
10K3A1 NTC Thermistor
Power Supply
24Vac ±10%, 100mA maximum or 24Vdc ± 10%, 60mA maximum
RS-485 Modbus RTU
*see ‘NETWORK COMMUNICATION DETAILS’ for more information

Output Accuracy
Temperature (option)
±0.3 °C Typical
Output Stability
<5% signal drift per year
Display (option) 4 digit 9mm high character backlit LCD of reading in ppm

Typical Coverage Area
700m˛ or 15m radius
Settling Time
3 minutes after power up
Response Time(t90)
<45 Seconds
Life Expectancy
>3 years dependant on environment
Ambient Range
0-50°C, 15-90% RH non-condensing
Flame retardant ABS, IP65, White (optional Black - see order codes)
Dimensions & Weight
92mm diameter x 52mm, TBC
Rising clamp for 0.5-1.5mm˛
Country of origin

AX-GS-CM-M.pdf / Carbon monoxide voltage transmitter - MODBUS RTU