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AX-HMH / 1 step change-over contact humidistat POA Qty
AX-HMH2 / 2 step change-over contact humidistat POA Qty
AX-HPH148 / 0-148Ohm proportional humidistat POA Qty
AX-HPH1000 / 0-1000Ohm proportional humidistat POA Qty

The AX-HMH / AX-HPH units are a series of electromechanical humidistats for control of humidifying and/or dehumidifying in HVAC/BMS systems with 1 or 2 step changeover contacts or proportional output.
Product Features
Excellent accuracy and reliability
One or two step options
Proportional output at 148Ohm or 1000Ohm options
IP54 class enclosure
Wall mounted or duct mounted

Relay Contacts
10A @ 250Vac (resistive) at 25°C ambient

8A @ 250Vac (resistive) at 60°C ambient
Not suitable for DC circuits

10 to 100% RH
3%RH at 45%RH
Housing Materials
Aluminium and Macrolon
Ambient Temperature
Sensor -20 to 70°C

Housing -20 to 60°C
Via universal bracket, for both wall or duct mounting
Cable Gland
PG11, max cable size 10mm
Country of Origin

AX-HMH.pdf / Electromechanical Humidistat