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AX-OC-CW / Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor With Curtain Detection Pattern POA Qty

The AX-OC-CW range of occupancy sensors are designed for use in energy savings systems where pet immunity is required and the lighting loads are automatically controlled based on human occupancy. It detects movement using a PIR sensor and turn on the connected loads. There is an adjustable timer that switches off the load when the area is no longer occupied. The built-in light sensor aids additional energy savings in lighting controlapplications. The device will turn on the load only if the ambient light is below a preset level. The unit is mounted on a single gang plate for easy installation.
Product Features
Horizontal curtain detection pattern for pet immunity
Excellent EMI immunity
Up to 8 metre detection range
Built-in light sensor
230Vac and 24V versions available
Touch switch to override the sensor (optional)

Power supply
230 Vac 10 % 230V versions
24 Vac/dc 10 % for 24V versions

Power consumption
1W maximum
Sensor type
Detection range
Field of view
110 .See the detection pattern.
Supply voltage for switched live versions. SPST for volt free versions
Rising clamp for 0.5-2.5mm2 cable
Contact rating
6A @ 240Vac resistive
Timer adjustability
10 secs to 12 mins
Lux threshold
0-1000lux. Onboard jumper to enable/disable jumper.
Ambient temperature range
0C to +50C
85 x 85 x 35 mm
Backbox depth
Minimum 22mm
Country of origin

AX-OC-CW.pdf / Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor With Curtain Detection Pattern