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AX-PI-5X / Modulating Output Temperature Controller - 5V central POA Qty

The AX-PI-5X DIN rail mounted controller is a compact and cost effective solution for monitoring air or liquid temperature. The unit provides 0-10V analogue heating and cooling output centred on 5V. A second inverted analogue output is also provided, along with remote setpoint potentiometer input, temperature sensor input, low limit sensor input and setback input. The outputs can be used to control various terminal devices ie. damper motor, valve actulators, step controllers, relay modules, ect.
Product Features
2 analogue outputs - centered on 5V
Proportional and intergral control
Remote setpoint option
Adjustable setback
0-10V or 2-10vdc output
Adjustable proportional band
Adjusterable intergal time
Output voltage can be diaplayed
Monitors minimum and maximum temperatures
DIN rail mounting

Power supply
24Vac +/- 10% or 24Vdc +/- 10%
Power consumption
Typical 40mA (approxiamtly 120mA when LCD in use)
Input Control temperature
-10 to 110C
Input Low Temperature
-20 to 20C
Input External setpoint
1-11k Ω
Input Setback
Volt free contact or open collector
Output signal
2 x 0-10Vdc
LCD display
2 line 8 digit LCD (backlight off after 12 secs of button use)
Set up pushbuttons
Increase, Menu, Deacrease
Set up values Setpoint
-10 to 110C
Set up values Low limit
Off, -20 to 20C
Set up values Setback
0 to 30C
Set up values Deadband
0 to 30C
Set up values Porportional band
1 to 30C
Set up values Intergral time
Off, 1 to 500 secs
Set up values External setpoint
None, +/- 4, +/- 20
Set up values Output values
0 to 10V, 2 to 10V
Temperature element
Terminals for 0.5-2.5mm cable
Ambient temperature range
Countyr of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-PI-5X.pdf / Modulating output temperature contorller - 5V central