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AX-RC-P1 / Room Temperature Proportional Controller 0-10V output heating or cooling POA Qty

The AX-RC-P1 proportional temperature controllers provide 0-10Vdc output proportional to the difference between the setpoint and the measured temperature. The output signal can be used to control VAV Boxes, modulating damper motors, modulating valve actuators , relay modules or thyristor power controllers among others . The unit is powered from 24Vac/dc
Product Features
Setpoint Adjustment
Room sensor housing
Heating or Cooling - jumper selectable
Adjustable proportional band

Power Supply
24Vac/dc +/- 15%
Power Consumption
Output Signal
0-10Vdc @3mA
Setpoint Range
10 to 30 deg C
Proportional Band
2 to 12 deg C adjustable
Mode of Operation
Heating or Cooling - jumper selectable
Temperature Element
83 x 83 x 27mm (excluding setpoint knob)
Terminals for 0.5 to 2.5mm2 cable
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-RC-Px.pdf / Room Proportional Controller