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AX-REF-VI / Switched voltage or Current reference unit POA Qty

Perfect for commissioning the bench testing, AX-REF-VI provides 0-10Vdc and 0-20mA outputs in a switch selectable range. A 24Vac fused output is also provided from the unit for powering modules and some actuator. The package includes a 230Vac PSU that fits a standard UK plug. The AX-REF-VI is a useful, versatile tool ideal for commissioning engineers, testers and system designers.
Product Features
0-10Vdc output in 1V steps
0-20mA output in 2mA steps
24Vac fused output provided
230Vac plig top supply included

Supply Voltage
230Vac 50Hz (+/-15%)
Output 0-10Vdc
0 to 10.0V in 1.0V steps at 10mA maximum
Accuracy at 10.0V
Accuracy 1.0V-9.0V
Output 0-20mA
0.0 to 20mA in 2.0mA steps into 1kO maximum load
Accuracy at 20mA
Accuracy 2.0-18.0mA
Output 24Vac
24Vac fused internally at 500mA
4mm binding posts
Ambient temperature range
130(W) x 75(H) x 32(D) mm maximum (excluding power supply unit)
Moulded ABS
Reference Unit 140gms (+ Power supply unit 500gms)
Country of origin
United Kingdom

AX-REF-VI.pdf / Analogue output reference unit - hand held