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AX-VUE-S1B / IP65 Enclosure 110x110x60mm, Black POA Qty
AX-VUE-S1G / IP65 Enclosure 110x110x60mm, Grey POA Qty
AX-VUE-S2B / IP65 Enclosure 160x120x71mm, Black POA Qty
AX-VUE-S2G / IP65 Enclosure 160x120x71mm, Grey POA Qty
AX-VUE-S3B / IP65 Enclosure 165x145x84mm, Black POA Qty
AX-VUE-S3G / IP65 Enclosure 165x145x84mm, Grey POA Qty
AX-VUE-DRS3B / IP65 Enclosure with internal DIN rail, 165x145x84mm, Black POA Qty
AX-VUE-DRS3G / IP65 Enclosure with internal DIN rail, 165x145x84mm, Grey POA Qty

The Axio AX-VUE series of enclosures provide a low-cost solution for housing BMS components in environments where IP65 protection is required.Available in black or grey and various sizes. The large enclosure is available with optional TS35 section DIN rail mount for quick installation of BMS equipment.
Product Features
IP65 tamper-proof seal
Captive, quick release fasteners
Optional internal TS35 DIN rail
Robust thermoplastic

Black or Grey Thermoplastic
Protection Rating
Double insulated up to 500V
Temperature Range
Impact Resistance
Glow Wire Test
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-VUE.pdf / Very Useful Enclosure