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AX-WLDF-P2 / Premium Water Point Sensor, 2m cable POA Qty
AX-WLDF-P5 / Premium Water Point Sensor, 5m cable POA Qty

The AX-WLDF-P water leak point sensor is used to detect water at a localised point. It is perfect for use with drip trays for alarm indication when the level reaches a pre-determined height. The unit can detect open and closed circuit along the length of the cable, and can even be cut to a desired length without issue.Additional features include a robust housing with slotted lugs for easy mounting, stainless steel probes and IP65 protected internals for impressive durability.
Product Features
Slotted lugs for easy installation
Detects open / closed circuit along the entire length
Cable can be cut to suit application.
Robust housing
2m and 5m variants
IP65 protection


Cable Length
2m and 5m variants
67 x 35 x 20mm (mounting slots 3.5mm wide on 57.8mm centres)
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-WLDF-P.pdf / Premium Water Cable Sensor