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ESC-RM1-12DC / Single Relay Module 12Vdc sensitive coil POA Qty
ESC-RM1-24AC / Single Relay Module 24Vac Coil POA Qty
ESC-RM1-24DC / Single Relay Module 24Vdc Coil POA Qty
ESC-RM1-230AC / Single Relay Module 230Vac Coil POA Qty

The ESC-RM1 is a SPDT relay module. The units are available with a number of different coil options including the ESC-RM1-12DC sensitive coil version to reduce the load on BMS controllers such as Trend outstations. The ESC-RM1-24AC can be used for converting a triac digital output to a VFC and the ESC-RM1-24DC for switching loads on controllers with 24Vdc powered digital outputs.
Product Features
Large Range of Coil Options
Optional diode and LED modules available - please enquire
Assembled on DIN rail carrier, with retaining clip
Sensitive coil 12Vdc version can convert BMS Outputs to VFC

Coil Rating
ESC-RM1-12DC 12Vdc - 20.8mA (sensitive coil), will switch on at 9.0V
ESC-RM1-24AC 24Vac - 31.6mA

ESC-RM1-24DC 24Vdc - 16.7mA

ESC-RM1-230AC 230Vac - 3.2mA

Contact Rating
ESC-RM1-12DC SPDT - 250V @ 10A (Resistive)
ESC-RM1-24AC SPDT - 250V @ 12A (Resistive)

ESC-RM1-24DC SPDT - 250V @ 12A (Resistive)

ESC-RM1-230AC SPDT - 250V @ 12A (Resistive)

Dielectric Strength
5000Vrms coil to contacts
Contact Material
AgNi 90/10
Rising Clamp for 0.5-2.5mm cable
Ambient Temperature Range
-25C to 85C
77 x 15.5 x 69mm (max.)
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

ESC-RM1.pdf / Single Pole Single Relay Module