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P, PI and Window Controllers
 AX-PI.pdf / Proportional and Integral Temperature Controller
 AX-PI-5X.pdf / Modulating output temperature contorller - 5V central
 AX-POT.pdf / External setpoint contorl
 AX-RC-Px.pdf / Room Proportional Controller
 AX-xC-P1.pdf / Porportional temperature contorller with setpoint - single output
 AX-WAC.pdf / Three channel window actuator controller with LCD
Fan Coil and Free Cooling Controllers
 AX-CDFC.pdf / Damper contorl for free cooling
 AX-TBS780A.pdf / Room FCU thermostat
 AX-TBB700.pdf / BACnet Fan Coil Controller
 AX-E07xx.pdf / Fan Coil Thermostat with Display
 AX-E05Kxx.pdf / Heating or Cooling Modulating Fan Coil Controller
 AX-CN-MAXP.pdf / Package unit controller
 AX-CN-FXO.pdf / Fan changeover controller
 AX-CN-STx.pdf / Four or six stage on/off controller
Programmable Logic Controller
 AX-PLC-GDD.pdf / Programmable Logic Controller
Fan Controllers
 AX-FC-8.pdf / Fan Speed Controller
 AX-FC-EVSxx.pdf / Electronic Fan Speed Controller
 AX-FC-STR-1-xx.pdf / Transformer Fan Speed Controller - Single Phase
 AX-FC-STR-3-xx.pdf / Transformer Three Phase Fan Speed Controller
 AX-FC-STLxx.pdf / Manual Fan Speed Controller
 AX-FC-MTYx.pdf / Manual Fan Speed Controller
Inverter Drives
 AX-SVxxxIG5A-X.pdf / Inverter drives
 AX-SVxxxIG5A-X.pdf / Inverter drives