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AX-R4N-230A / Industrial Plug In Relay-4 Pole C/O-230VAC POA Qty
AX-R4N-24A / Industrial Plug In Relay-4 Pole C/O-24 AC POA Qty
AX-R4N-24D / Industrial Plug In Relay-4 Pole C/O-24 DC POA Qty

The AX-R4N series comprise a range of high quality 4 Pole and industry standard relay footprint mounted in DIN Rail base. Variants are available with 24Vdc, 24Vac and 230Vac coils. Other versions are available on special request. The DIN Rail base is designed to be a snap fit onto TS35 section DIN Rail.
Product Features
Industry standard footprint, now with terminal.
Complete with DIN Carrier and Retaining Clip.
Blades with no holes for better mounting in sockets.
High Quality Rising clamp terminals with captive screws.
Large Range of AC and DC Coil Options,
Base, Clip & LED are additional & available upon request.

Coil Voltage
AX-R4N-24D=24Vdc, AX-R4N-24A=24Vac, AX-R4N-230A=230Vac
Coil Resistance/Current
AX-R4N-24D=640(O 10%),AX-R4N-24A=168(mA)(+15/-20%),AX-R4N-230A=15430(mA)(+15/-20%)
Power Consumption
AX-R4N-24D=900(mW), AX-R4N-24A=1.2(VA), AX-R4N-230A=1.2(VA)
Must Operate Volt. Max
AX-R4N-24D=18.0(VDC), AX-R4N-24A=19.2(VAC), AX-R4N-230A=176.0(VAC)
Must Release Volt. Min
AX-R4N-24D=2.4(VDC), AX-R4N-24A=7.2(VAC), AX-R4N-230A=66.0(VAC)
Max Allowable Volt
AX-R4N-24D=26.4(VDC), AX-R4N-24A=26.4(VAC), AX-R4N-230A=242.0(VAC)
Rated Load(Res-cos f=1)
Max. Switching Voltage
277VAC, 30VDC
Min. Breaking Capacity
Dielectric Strength
Coil to Contact 1500Vrms, 1min (50Hz), 1mA
Contact Material
AgNi 90/10
Rated Power Consumption
DC 0.9W, AC 1.2VA
Ambient Temperature
-40C to 70C
Protection Category
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-R2N.pdf / Industrial Plug In Relay 2 Pole