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Butterfly Valves
AX-VB-025 / Butterfly Valve DN25 POA Qty
AX-VB-032 / Butterfly Valve DN32 POA Qty
AX-VB-040 / Butterfly Valve DN40 POA Qty
AX-VB-050 / Butterfly Valve DN50 POA Qty
AX-VB-065 / Butterfly Valve DN65 POA Qty
AX-VB-080 / Butterfly Valve DN80 POA Qty
AX-VB-100 / Butterfly Valve DN100 POA Qty
AX-VB-125 / Butterfly Valve DN125 POA Qty
AX-VB-150 / Butterfly Valve DN150 POA Qty
AX-VB-200 / Butterfly Valve DN200 POA Qty
AX-VB-2CF-PN6 / 2 counter flanges PN6 POA Qty
AX-VB-2CF-PN10 / 2 counter flanges PN10 POA Qty
AX-VB-2CF-PN16 / 2 counter flanges PN16 POA Qty
AX-AR30W23F001 / On/Off Raise/Lower Actuator 15nm 230Vac POA Qty
AX-AR30W23F020 / On/Off Raise/Lower Actuator 15nm 24Vac POA Qty
AX-AR30W23SF020 / Modulating Actuator 15nm 24Vac POA Qty
AX-A44W2F001 / On/Off Raise/Lower Actuator 30nm 230Vac POA Qty
AX-A44W2F020 / On/Off Raise/Lower Actuator 30nm 24Vac POA Qty
AX-A44W2SF001 / Modulating Actuator 30nm 24Vac POA Qty
AX-ASF122F220 / 2/3point spring return actuator 18nm 230V POA Qty
AX-ASF123F222 / 2/3point spring return actuator 18nm 24V POA Qty
AX-ASF123SF122 / Modulating spring return actuator 16nm 24V POA Qty
Assembly kits
AX-VB-0378108001 / Assembly Kit DN25-65 for AR30 POA Qty
AX-VB-0378109001 / Assembly Kit DN80-100 for AR30 POA Qty
AX-VB-0378110001 / Assembly Kit DN25-65 for A44W POA Qty
AX-VB-0378111001 / Assembly Kit DN80-125 for A44W POA Qty
AX-VB-0378112001 / Assembly Kit DN150-200 for A44W POA Qty
AX-VB-0378113001 / Assembly Kit DN25-100 for ASF122 POA Qty

The AX-VB range of tight shut off Wafer Butterfly Valves are designed for continuous control of water, air and low pressure steam upto 110C or for use as a shut off valve . The valves come complete with PN6, 10 & 16 flanged connections from 25 to 200mm.
Product Features
Cast Iron Body
Nominal Pressure 16 bar
Good Control Characteristics
PN6 ,PN10 or PN16 flange connections

Fluid Temperature
0 to 110 degC
Operating Temperature
-10 to 130 degC
Leakage Rate
<0.0001% of Kvs
Angle of Rotation
Pressure Class
Kvs Values
36m3/hr to 4000m3/hr
Actuator Run Time


Body Cast




Country of Origin

AX-VB.pdf / Butterfly Valves