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<   Air Velocity, Flow and Liquid Level
Air Velocity
 AX-AV-SP-ESF-35-2.pdf / Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter
 AX-AV-SPxxx.pdf / Air Velocity Transmitter
 AX-AV-EP.pdf / Air Velocity Probes for small ducts
 AX-AV-MPP.pdf / Multipoint Air velocity Probes
Wind Speed and Direction
 AX-EWSS.pdf / Wind Speed Switch
 AX-WSD-V.pdf / Wind Speed and Direction Sensor Voltage output
 AX-Weather.pdf / Weather Station
Liquid Flow
 AX-LFS-1.pdf / Liquid Flow Switch
Liquid Level
 AX-LS-Nxx.pdf / Liquid Level Float Switches
 AX-LS-FL.pdf / Liquid Level Float Switches
 AX-LS-MFS2x.pdf / Liquid Level Switches -Top Mount
 AX-LS-MFS9.pdf / Liquid Level Switches -Side mount
 AX-LS-MFS10.pdf / Liquid Level Switches -Side mount - External
 AX-LS-RFS-2-2.pdf / Stainless Steel Liquid Level Switches -Top mount
 AX-LS-RFS-4-2.pdf / Stainless Steel Liquid Level Switches -Side Entry mount
 AX-UL-SEP-xx-x.pdf / Ultrasonic Level Sensor
 AX-UL-STP.pdf / Ultrasonic Level Sensor Hart & Relay output
 AX-CAP.pdf / Capacitance level sensor
 AX-HL.pdf / Hydrostatic level transmitter
Analytical Sensors
 AX-ANA-LPP.pdf / Analytical sensor -pH
 AX-ANA-LPR.pdf / Analytical sensor -Redox potential
 AX-ANA-LED.pdf / Analytical sensor- Dissolved oxygen transmitter
 AX-ANA-LCK.pdf / Analytical sensor -Conductivity
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